HelixPurity Premier Water System (Chrome Faucet)

HelixPurity Premier Water System (Chrome Faucet)
HelixPurity Premier Water System (Chrome Faucet)
Load image into Gallery viewer, HelixPurity Premier Water System (Chrome Faucet)
Load image into Gallery viewer, HelixPurity Premier Water System (Chrome Faucet)

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The all-new HelixPurity™ premier drinking water system combines the very best wellness water technologies in an easy-to-install, under counter design.

Imagine source water purified to a pristine 99.5%-plus purification quotient and then, completely transformed through the proprietary HelixPurity™ energizing technology.  

The HelixPurity™ premiere water system is designed to create powerful antioxidant alkaline water that is highly micro-clustered and organically structured using the HelixEnergizer™ double-helical energizing chamber.    Larger and with greater purification power than the original Helix Energizer system, the HelixPurity™ is the premier choice with the greatest benefits!

Many locations are within proximity to cities and counties with very high loads of potential chemical contaminants and biological infection risks.  Originally designed to make saltwater potable, Reverse Osmosis technology is the only guaranteed method to achieve near-perfect purification over time and distance.   The HelixPurity™ combines the raw purification of the RO technology with the nutritional enhancement of the energized media solution.  Now made even more powerful with the Helix Water Technology, there’s simply no better choice on the market!

When the best of the best is your choice for your family’s good health, choose the HelixPurity™ by HelixLife!  

The HelixPurity™ system comes with color-coded installation parts for standard installation, all required accessories, and a separate dispensing faucet. Stock faucet finishes available include Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel.  Oil Rubbed Bronze and other finishes upon request.  The installed faucet is approximately 12" tall.  It requires 1/2" hole at sink base or in countertop.  This is the same size as a standard accessory hole (such as one for a soap dispenser).

HelixPurity™ Unit Dimensions

Tank may be installed lying down on its side if preferred.

All tanks are manufactured of NSF-approved steel.

The air pressure for the tank is pre-added at the factory and should not need to be adjusted or filled in the field.

4-Cartridge Replacement Set should be exchanged annually; Our Revitalize Kit makes system maintenance simple.

HelixPurity™ Water System Features and Benefits

  • Pristine purified high-energy, alkaline antioxidant water at your tap!
  • Since 2010, exclusive non-electric energized media solution
  • New proprietary Helix Energizer™ double-helical vortex energy system included
  • 99.8% reduction and removal for most contaminants and compounds
  • Non-electric operation
  • Proprietary non-electric, on-board pump for water savings and constant pressure
  • Straight forward under counter installation
  • Safety assurance for your family
  • Up to 300% savings over other less effective alkaline water systems
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